Egans Bridge House Tullamore in 1915

Messrs. P. & H. Egan described in 1915.

One of the three great businesses in Tullamore a century ago

In a central position in the town stands the fine imposing business premises of Messrs. P. & H. Egan, Ltd., the well-known Midland firm of whiskey, wine, and beer purveyors.  The shop front, which was designed some few years [1909-10 – now just 100 years old] ago by Mr. Crossley, C.E., is one of the most magnificent to be seen in any town in the province, and has only one rival in Tullamore, namely, Mr. Scally’s .  The firm of Messrs. P. & H. Egan, was established in 1852, and was formed into a limited liability company in 1896.  The chairman of the company is Mr. Henry Egan, J.P., the directors being Messrs. P. J. Egan, J.P., (managing director), James F. Egan, George A. Moorhead, J.P., and Kevin F. Egan, late Bridge House Manager, now an officer in the Royal Irish Regiment.  Messrs. P. & H. Egan were also the proprietors of Dooly’s Hotel, Birr, and of Hayes’ Hotel, Tullamore, before the formation of the Midlands Hotels Co., Ltd., in which concern they have a large interest.  There are branch establishments at Moyvore, and Tubber, Co. Westmeath, Rathangan, Co. Kildare, and Kilcormac, Kinnitty, and Ballycumber in King’s County.  The firm are also extensive buyers of barley grown in the King’s and adjoining counties, and have a large brewing and malting as well as a mineral water making establishment where the finest of non-alcoholic beverages are manufactured.  They are also the brewers of the famous Tullamore Ale which, as a dinner ale, has no rival amongst ales manufactured in this country.  Messrs. Egan are also wholesale wine and spirit merchants, and carry on an extensive business over King’s and Queen’s Counties, Tipperary, Limerick, Clare, Mayo, Cork, etc.  The premises were remodelled some years ago at considerable expense, and are now most elaborately fitted up for the business which has grown to an enormous extent during the past ten years and which continues to expand daily.  The main portion of the building is devoted to the hardware and provision business, which is the largest conducted in any house in the province.  To the rere are the coal, iron, and timber departments.  The firm’s coal trade for some years past has developed enormously, as well as the trade in farming implements, feeding stuffs, seeds, and manures.  A special feature of the establishment is the coachbuilding establishment, which has been recently extended and from it some beautiful up-to-date traps and vehicles of all sorts are turned out.  The firm execute contracts for the erection of iron railings, hay barns, bridges, etc.  About forty horses are kept, and the firm’s drays, in addition to two motor lorries, are continually on the roads delivering goods through the county.  The firm also own a motor boat on the Grand Canal, by means of which regular weekly deliveries to and from Dublin are maintained.  In the brewery yard is the whiskey and beer bottling section, where a large number of hands are constantly engaged in the bottling process.  The whiskey stocked has the reputation of being the best on the market while the wines bottled are of the finest vintage.  Messrs. Egan, like Messrs. D. E. Williams, Ltd., have also done their share to develop the town, and to make it second to none in the provinces.  How far they have succeeded in that direction is known to all who take an interest in the welfare of Tullamore.  They have built up a business which has helped the town and benefited the inhabitants in every conceivable way.  The managing director of the firm, Mr. P. J. Egan, occupies the municipal chair, and during his term of office has evinced a very keen interest in and attention to the matters which concern the ratepayer.  The scheme of steam-rolling which was commenced during the chairmanship of Mr. Lumley has, with the exception of a few perches of road, been satisfactorily completed during his term of office.  He was one of the first to advocate the steam rolling of the roads, and streets, and to him alone the people of Tullamore are indebted for the present up-to-date clean, and healthy thoroughfares.  It is to be hoped he will be continued in office until other much-needed improvements are effected.  The chairman of the company, Mr. Henry Egan, was for many years after the passing of the Local Government Act, Chairman of the King’s County Council, a position which he filled with dignity and ability.  His resignation occasioned much regret throughout the county because it was felt it would be very difficult to replace him.

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